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John Bair

Is a Special Needs Trust the Answer to Lifelong Stability for Your Child?

As a comprehensive settlement planner, I frequently work with parents of children with special needs. Many of those children were injured during birth and are about to receive a settlement. Though that means a big lump sum of money for […]

John Bair

What You Should Know About the New Tax Overhaul Plan

Last week, House Republicans unveiled a tax-overhaul plan that would be the biggest tax code rewrite in three decades. It would also affect virtually all Americans, so it’s critical for everyone to know what’s in the plan. Called the “Tax […]

John Bair

Diplomats Face New Challenges Supporting Children With Special Needs Abroad

The State Department is reducing financial assistance that formerly helped children with special needs who were living abroad. This funding was used to help kids gain access to the same support systems they would be entitled to in the United States. […]

John Bair

Keeping Kids Safe on Halloween

Halloween is nearly here. Whether or not you’re participating in the festivities this year, remember that October 31 is a day to be particularly vigilant on the roads. The graphic below by Safe Kids Worldwide shows some surprising statistics that should […]

John Bair

This is How Parents Find Good Trustees for a Special Needs Trust

Last week, a user asked this question on the Parents Caring for Special Needs Kids Facebook community page: How are moms with special needs kids finding good trustees for their special needs trusts? Seems like there are a lot of […]

John Bair

Legal Funding FAQ Series: Are Lawsuit Loans Legal?

You might not have heard of the terms “plaintiff funding,” “lawsuit loan” and/or “legal funding” until you were well into litigation and struggling to make ends meet before your settlement arrives. If you’re out of work following a catastrophic accident, […]

John Bair

Special Needs Activity Programs You May Not Know About

At Milestone Consulting, we have helped many families protect the financial futures of their children with special needs. We implement plans that involve trusts, Medicare set-asides and much more in order to ensure their settlement and other income are being […]

John Bair

Is Your Special Needs Child Dealing with a Bully?

As parents, we always want our kids to be safe, healthy, and happy. So, naturally, news that your special needs child is dealing with a bully at school can evoke a range of strong emotions. Although it goes against our […]