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New Living Safer: Taking a Closer Look at Medicating in America

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American drug industryThere is no doubt that modern medical advances have done amazing things for patients who need treatment, but many argue the pharmaceutical industry is still fraught with dangerous problems. For one, the field is run by multibillion-dollar drug manufacturers who have the funds to get what they want — often, ironically, at the cost of patients’ health and well-being. Many of these corporations constantly face lawsuits for failing to warn the public about serious and sometimes deadly risks associated with their products.

Last week, we posted an article about the addiction risks associated with opioid drugs, which include commonly prescribed painkillers such as OxyContin, Vicodin, codeine, and morphine. Many of our clients continue to take opioid medication for their pain long after their lawsuit has resolved, and unfortunately, the risk of addiction is a serious possibility.

But opioid addiction is just one in a long list of concerns related to medication in the United States. The new issue of Living Safer magazine takes a look at some of the major issues regarding big pharma and its impact on the lives and future of American families.

The article, “America: It’s Time to Take Our Medicine,” examines how the American pharmaceutical industry and medication culture affects our children. Then, in “Medicating in America,” Bryan Silver notes that as an industry, big pharma generates higher profit margins than any other, and he questions the implications of its huge stature in our country. Numerous ethical questions arise in this issue regarding medication advertising, escalating drug prices, how health insurance fits into the pharmaceutical industry, and much more.

This new Living Safer is one that relates to all of us on some level, and we urge you to page through the articles and consider these topics as they apply to your own family.

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  1. Emily says:
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    Thanks so much for the great write up. We’ve included it on the Resource Center portion of our website (link below) if you’d like to check it out.

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