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John Bair
John Bair
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Check Out Our Bairs Foundation Flipbook!


My wife and I established the Bairs Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps people suffering as a result of a catastrophic accident.

One of our clients is pursuing a products liability case against a corporation that provided homeopathic teething tablets for children. She used the tablets with her 4.5-month-old, and the infant died. We’re providing this mom with a monthly payment while she pursues justice on behalf of her daughter.

Another client was run over by dump truck and sustained massive injuries to her lower extremities. We’re helping her cover living expenses.

Access to capital is critical for families in emergencies or in dire circumstances, but the current non-recourse lending industry has historically taken advantage of those people. We’re out to change the model and offer an alternative option to these individuals, because we believe in fairness. Our foundation provides plaintiffs with much needed financial assistance while they pursue litigation, at seven percent simple interest. 

It’s not always easy to explain what we do at the Bairs Foundation. That’s why we created an online card deck to describe our organization and how we strive to help people.

Click on the card deck below (you’ll be taken to the flipbook on issuu.com) to learn more about how we operate, our crazy-low interest rates, and how you can get involved.


With two decades of experience in the litigation and settlement planning space, we always seek to bring more humanity, compassion and goodwill into the civil justice community. Our organization provides necessary funding for plaintiffs on a not-for-profit basis, so they can go the distance with their lawsuit.

For more information or to apply for funding, click here to visit our website.

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