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Care.com and Sama to Connect People with Caregiver Jobs


Care.com makes it easy for parents to find a qualified caregiver for their child with special needs. After clicking “I need a caregiver, parents can start a free search for care in their specific area. “Special needs” even has its own category in the search, so families can be sure the caregiver they select has the specialized skills necessary to provide the best care.

Leila Janah, founder of Sama. Visit http://www.leilajanah.com/ for more information.

Leila Janah, founder of Sama. Janah is working to launch a partnership with Care.com. Visit http://www.leilajanah.com/ for more information.

Leila Janah’s organization Sama is a platform that connects impoverished people with large tech corporations to get them jobs working on digital projects. Eight years after starting the company, Janah is working to launch a partnership with Care.com to create what she calls a “care institute.” The new program will train low-income people to be caregivers.

As a professional caregiver, one of the benefits of getting jobs through Care.com is the documented reputation through client testimonials. It’s certainly a step up from simply using word-of-mouth, as it gives caregivers a formal track record of their on-the-job performance. Through the care institute developed by Care.com and Sama, impoverished people can obtain great caregiver gigs, and their clients can validate their performance as they go.

It sounds like a win-win for families of children with special needs as well as caregivers who could use the exposure to pull themselves out of poverty. As the Care.com website says, “Care is a global need without geographic or demographic boundaries.” Getting the best help is possible, and simplifying the process for families to connect with great caregivers in a reliable way can greatly improve the lives of those families – and their caregivers, too.

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