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Keeping Kids Safe on the 4th: Steer Clear of Sparklers



When I was a 1st lieutenant, I had the privilege of being platoon leader for eight Ah64 Apache Helicopters.  I had only been stationed at Fort Hood for about a month when our sister platoon had an aircraft fire with Lt. Vickery.  In less than eight minutes, the aircraft burned to the ground. Why?  The combination of aviation fuel and the fact that the aircraft was made with a significant amount of magnesium made it highly flammable.  Thank goodness both pilots lived, but the power of burning magnesium has never left me.  As we prepare for the 4th of July, think about those little sparklers that we love to give to our young kids.  Sparklers burn at 1200-1800 degrees Fahrenheit, and an eye doesn’t stand a chance against them.

The Stats

  • 9000 people a year are admitted to the emergency room in the month of July due to fireworks/sparker-related injuries

  • A significant number of those admitted are under age 14

  • Many admitted are under age 4

There are a number of safety resources on the web, but I wanted to remind you that glow sticks and pen lights are just as much fun in the dark for little ones.

Stay safe and enjoy celebrating our Independence Day!


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