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One tap giving


As busy as our lives get, this recent article by the New York Times puts in perspective how tough it is to get peoples attention. One tap giving, it seems is an ongoing tech debate, with Apple at the heart of it.

I’ve used Paypal, Amazon, ActBlue(pretty easy) and a host of other apps and internet based purchasing systems, but none for a charity until I got involved in Enddd.org fundraising, and started using the GoFundMe site built for charitable efforts. www.gofundme.com/enddd is the small campaign that I’ve started to help raise awareness and money for the organization. Something we could all do. It takes time though, and that is the jist of the article in the NYT today that covers it.  Here is the article.

Countless times in cabs, or on a train, or waiting for takeoff, i’ve fumbled through trying to put my credit card number in my iphone, and the effort is often met frustration on the small screen.  I’m a big fan of this idea of one tap giving, and how it will get each and every one of us to perhaps give more to the things that are dear to us.  I would use it for sure in our Milestone charitable efforts.

What are your thoughts?

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