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Snapchat Distracted Driving – EndDD


A recent lawsuit involving an 18 year old, the speed filter on Snapchat, and another vehicle are putting the Distracted Driving epidemic in the news. Purportedly at 107mph while posting to snapchat using the speed filter.  Is Snapchat corporate going to do anything about it?

Here is the link to Enddd founder Joel Feldman’s article in the Huffington post,


The New York Times joined the news on the case today as well.


There is no better time than now to start getting involved in local and national networks with an intent to make a difference in the educational campaign.

I applaud Mitch Jackson and his StopDD social outreach, as it is increasing awareness on the issue globally.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/269135363427758/

Social Media and marketer Vikki Taylor from the UK jumped into the conversation today in this brilliant post.  https://medium.com/@VictoriaTaylUK/through-her-little-eyes-stop-distracted-driving-649c219ab259#.5zzjrjahf

Join the campaign as a blogger, social influencer, volunteer lawyer, journalist, or just as a member of your community.  There is a way for everyone to be involved in this campaign.  Don’t have the time?  Sign the petition in Joel’s post.  It takes 30 seconds.  Donate to Enddd.org.  They in my opinion are mostly self funded, and are doing more work on this issue than anyone.

If you can’t donate, but have children, or care about this cause, get highschools pointed in Joel’s way.  Volunteer to become a speaker or be an activist in way that works for you.  Sharing any of these posts on your facebook, or sending it to a listserve that you belong to are easy ways to contribute.

AAJ is launching their national campaign remembering 911 after 15 years, and reigniting the Trial Lawyers Care spirit of volunteerism.  See their launch here.



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