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Mark your calendars: November 1 is the first day of open enrollment for health insurance on the Marketplace for next year. Starting tomorrow, you can log in, fill out an application to start or renew a plan, compare premiums for 2020, and enroll to receive health care.

Here are some important things to know before November 1:

By now, you should have received two letters: one from your current health insurer and one from the Marketplace. These letters explain your 2020 coverage status and share other helpful information, such as:

  • Which plan, if any, you will be enrolled in or matched with if you do not choose a plan online during the open enrollment period
  • Any changes in your coverage starting in 2020
  • Directions to send the Marketplace any necessary documents

If you have not received your letters, contact your insurance company or the Marketplace directly to ensure you are up to speed with your 2020 coverage.

How we can help

Many of our clients who are going through litigation do not have health care coverage, but it is a critical component of future financial planning, especially for people who are living with a catastrophic injury. It can be an undertaking for anyone to fully understand how the Affordable Care Act works and how to get good health insurance coverage. Our expertise in health care helps ensure our clients are covered as soon as possible after settlement.  

If you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, a durable settlement plan means long-term financial security. For more information about our services or to discuss health insurance coverage in the context of your upcoming settlement, contact us.

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