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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

If you’re a Medicare beneficiary and your lawsuit is about to settle, you may need to take action to continue to receive benefits. Many people in this situation establish a Medicare set-aside.

When you’re just getting started with settlement planning, the next steps might seem complex. We’ve curated some of the information and posts on topics that may be helpful. Consider starting your research with any of the articles below. As always, feel free to contact my comprehensive settlement planning firm, Milestone Consulting, with any questions.

The Basics

A Medicare set-aside is an amount of money that’s literally put aside to protect your future Medicare eligibility. It’s a good-faith, voluntary arrangement that shows you are prepared to fund future care without relying solely on Medicare.

For more information about what a Medicare set-aside does, click here to check out our post, “Do I Need to Establish a Medicare Set-Aside if I Receive a Settlement?”


Medicare beneficiaries can either elect to self-administer their Medicare set-aside, or they can retain a professional administration firm to handle this complex legal process. Our article, “Medicare Set-asides and Self Administration” explains the funding and administration options for these accounts. Read more here.

What Happens to the Money Later?

Beneficiaries and/or their family members often ask about the portion of the money in the Medicare set-aside that may be left over when he or she passes away. Click here to find out what might happen to the balance.

Check out our free ebook for more topics related to Medicare set-asides.

When a settlement is on the horizon, deciding on the best plan can be overwhelming without a professional on board. For expert guidance, we invite you to contact Milestone Consulting to schedule a consultation. It will be the peace of mind you need to know your settlement will be as valuable as possible now and in the future.


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