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By Samuel Dolce-Powers, Esq.

When conducting comprehensive settlement planning with a new client, my favorite moment is the first full breath the client takes. That first anxiety-free sigh of relief since the event that left them personally injured due to no fault of their own. That breath happens when I assure them: “Our company has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people in a similar position. We have a plan, and your settlement will set up you and your family for future financial success and security – as long as we’re smart.”

At Milestone, our clients are people, not cases. We spend time getting to know each person we help as well as their family and their lifestyle. Showing our compassion grows trust, which allows us to understand our clients’ fears, hopes, and unique situations to help bring them peace of mind. Each unique detail informs how we then plan for their financial future.

Wellness is at the heart of settlement planning. The compensation an individual receives from either settlement or verdict is meant to be their just compensation that will return them as close to whole as possible. Sometimes the compensation is intended to last them their entire lives. When managed properly, the compensation will allow an individual to access the health care, opportunities, and life goals they have set for themselves. Sometimes these are achievements that were previously thought of as impossible. Most importantly, settlement planning allows personal injury plaintiffs to focus on healing and not stress over their financial decisions.

To protect your family, your health, and your finances, make sure to speak with a comprehensive settlement consulting firm before making any significant decisions with your settlement money.

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