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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

The video below is an uplifting story. But unfortunately, after this video ended, more tragedy occurred in Tina Dixon’s life.

Tina’s sister Chrystal, who Tina begins to describe in depth in the last few minutes, was involved in a tragic accident last fall. The group home Chrystal stays in provides transportation, and one day the driver carelessly crossed over the double yellow lines and into oncoming traffic. Chrystal, who already suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and severe developmental disabilities, had extensive injuries to her neck and back, as well as a lacerated liver and trauma ulcers. She had to get a full hysterectomy, abdominal surgery, exploratory surgery, and extensive back surgery.

After the surgeries, Chrystal was now immobile, and in a rehabilitation center with little or no stimulation on a daily basis – the same girl who Tina describes as having become a “social butterfly, you can’t keep her at home, and she loves talking to people now”. Tina and the rehabilitation center staff where Chrystal has been required to live since the accident were concerned that she was unable to participate in group activities and was lonely. Tina and her attorney reached out to the Bairs Foundation asking for funding to provide a nurse to be a companion to Chrystal for a couple hours a day. Tina, as power of attorney, is pursuing Chrystal’s lawsuit against the driver and the group home. The Bairs Foundation is providing monthly recurring advances so Chrystal can receive companion care for a few hours a day each week. Having an aide to engage and entertain Chrystal has made a difference in her overall wellness.

Tough times can suddenly fall on anyone. The team at the Bairs Foundation is proud to have been able to help this amazing woman take care of her sister after she was involved in a catastrophic accident.

What Does the Bairs Foundation Do?

The Bairs Foundation provides the financial assistance families need to pay for basic living expenses during litigation. Its mission is to provide plaintiffs with low-cost access to capital at 7% simple interest, so they can go the distance against deep-pocket defendants.

For more information about the Bairs Foundation or to apply for funding, visit:

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