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Settlement Administrator Laura Fetto explains Milestone’s collaborative nature and how it benefits the injured clients we help.

In the wise words of President Harry S. Truman, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Setting aside one’s ego for the greater good of helping people represents a cornerstone of teamwork. At Milestone, real teamwork helps us to produce the best work product every day. Our shared vision of providing the best services to clients truly sets us apart from other consulting firms. 

Our group’s genuine focus and mission to make a difference for clients allows us to come together, regardless of which “department” we belong to. Case management, accounting, marketing, business development … all of Milestone’s sectors each move forward with the same mission. Whether we are working with attorneys, plaintiffs, bank representatives, vendors or other contacts, our goal is to assist where we are needed and useful. What is best for each client differs from case to case; some individuals need settlement planning or wealth management guidance, attorney-clients may desire our qualified settlement fund or attorney fee deferral expertise. 

This is where our shared vision comes in, as each of us may be able to help our clients in various ways. Different individuals offer different skill sets and approaches to issues. Our workplace combines the talents of all employees and provides a collaborative environment that directly benefits our clients. Motivations at Milestone are team-focused as we hope to drive forward our business and do right by clients. By replacing individualized motivations with a drive to better the consulting industry, we feel greater pride in our work. 

Humans are social beings, and the more connected we feel, the more engaged and productive we are at work. At Milestone, we are not just coworkers; we are an office pseudo-family where everyone collaborates daily, shares ideas, and compiles unique talents to best assist our client base. Our productivity stems from the true enjoyment we get out of what we do as well as the comradery we share. While befriending your coworkers need not be an essential factor to working well, we at Milestone work in tandem to help people, and we enjoy our environment while doing so. Our tight-knit team doesn’t just get through the work day; we wrangle each day to best assist our clients. At Milestone, our boutique-level accessibility combined with genuine concern for clients enables us to greatly surpass any and all competition.

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