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The mass tort case involving over 500 individuals sexually abused by Larry Nassar, their coach, or another individual affiliated with USA Gymnastics has finally reached a settlement more than five years after the first criminal complaint was filed. The settlement between USA Gymnastics, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, and the plaintiffs includes a monetary component of $380 million USD.

Perhaps more importantly, there are also nonmonetary provisions to prevent future sexual abuse within USA Gymnastics. These provisions include making the survivors stakeholders in USA Gymnastics by designating a seat on the Safe Sport Committee, Athlete Health and Wellness Council, and on the board of directors. This gives the survivors a continued voice and presence to help shape the future of USA Gymnastics. There will also be a detailed review of both the culture and practices that allowed these horrors to occur to ensure they are not repeated.

This monumental win is a result of the endless, grueling, and emotional efforts of the survivors and many attorneys involved in the case. Milestone commends the combined relentless pursuit of justice to ensure those affected are supported and that others never face the same abuse.

Looking toward the future

After enduring sexual assault and then actively going through the efforts of fighting for justice for more than five years, the survivors may now be wondering “what’s next?” It is common for those who experience assault to focus on pursuing justice while not looking to what comes next – healing.

The process of working through the trauma can take years. To guarantee that time is available without impacting their settlement, survivors can utilize “The Settlement Account,” a qualified settlement fund built exclusively for any person in the U.S. who receives a personal injury settlement from a sexual assault case. This trust provides the time to decide how to proceed without losing any options. It also offers discretion by providing anonymity and confidentiality. Once ready, Milestone’s trauma-informed care team of experts can assist with free, comprehensive settlement planning services.

Despite this win for all the survivors, the path to implementing lasting change within USA Gymnastics and the Olympic Committee is just starting. In support of and in solidarity with survivors and their attorneys, we are able to assist with those who have questions regarding The Settlement Account, qualified settlement funds, and any settlement planning around their individual circumstances. Give us a call today at 716.883.1833 or toll-free at 855.836.2676 to discuss the best options for your specific situation.

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