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By Sam Dolce-Powers, Esq.

The current pandemic is providing personal injury attorneys an opportunity to assess, redesign, and modernize many aspects of their practices. By not having to prepare for trials or show up in courts currently, law firms are able to spend time identifying ways to streamline other parts of the business, such as marketing, case management, and settlement planning.  

By simply settling cases, depositing settlement checks in escrow, and disbursing funds to clients, personal injury attorneys are missing out on sophisticated financial solutions that benefit not only their firm, but also their clients. There are a few key practices competing law firms use, putting “old school firms” at a grand disadvantage. Settlement planning firms, such as Milestone, can offer innovative settlement solutions that you may not have considered as possible for you and for plaintiffs. You’d be surprised. 

I am an attorney, and I grew up among my family’s successful personal injury practice. I worked previously as a personal injury attorney, but I found my calling by dedicating myself and my practice to issues of settlement. Working with Milestone, I have spearheaded a team approach to finding the best possible financial solutions for law firms and their clients. Our team of CPAs, fiduciaries, and attorneys are well suited to help craft custom plans to enhance your settlement experience. By providing effective tools to attorneys and their clients, we help law firms grow and make sure lawyers and their clients see more success. The best part: our consultations are free. We only charge for actual work we do.

Some of the settlement planning solutions we offer are qualified settlement funds, tax-free settlement design packages, special needs trusts, and attorney fee deferrals. These solutions are tailored custom to you, your clients, and your firm, as they are dependent on a myriad of circumstances. If you are interested in revamping your law firm during this period of unscheduled downtime, please reach out to me at (716) 860 6428.

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