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If you’re a trial lawyer, you have a distinct advantage in terms of managing wealth. You are part of the only profession with the opportunity to defer an unlimited amount of income through periodic payments. If you have been working on (or thinking about) your comprehensive wealth management plan, deferring attorney fees might be the tool you’re missing. Milestone can help with that.

You may have aspirations of founding your own law firm, or you might be interested in better planning your firm’s finances and investments. Or, you’re working on building a foundation of wealth in your personal life. What’s the missing piece of the puzzle? It’s control of your income. Milestone provides that missing piece with feeMaster, a comprehensive and innovative attorney fee deferral program that puts you in the front seat of your financial planning.

feeMaster brochure

feeMaster enables the following personal and professional benefits for trial lawyers who earn contingency fees: 

  • Unlimited tax deferral 
  • Professional or self-directed investment management 
  • Ability to pay less taxes 
  • Security over your assets

Security, customization, transparency, liquidity, and low fees are the features you can expect from our feeMaster program. Here’s how it works:

We begin strategically, considering your calendar year revenue and financial planning goals. You’ll engage and communicate with the experienced and knowledgeable members of the Milestone team to ensure you understand your rights and options and that we understand your whole picture. Then, we create your deferral with your career and lifestyle in mind. We’ll arrange payment schedules monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, or in a series of future lump sums to begin immediately or on a future date. You’ll secure your future when the Milestone team finalizes your assignment and creates your account. After that, it’s all about enjoying the benefits of smart planning. You have options to add to your investment as future cases resolve, liquidate at any time, and continue your wealth building into the future. 

We welcome you to download our free feeMaster brochure to learn more about the program. Feel free to contact Milestone at (716) 883-1833 or to have a no-obligation chat about whether our program is right for you.

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