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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

The choice seems clear. Our country should come first.

The theatrics and intensity of the debate over Kavanaugh confirmation is healthy for America, our constitution and the solvency of our republic going forward.

Are we a society that seeks only to advance the white male privilege over all other citizens, or do we as a country believe in “We the People” and actually mean it.

The tide of support to survivors of sexual assault has felt like a groundswell for equality, dignity toward women.  A long overdue recognition of the ugliness of our gender and the terrible truth that so many women have suffered and never been heard. Most likely out of fear of not being believed. To be labeled a false accuser. When the system is rigged against you, most young women learn not to fight it. The conversations with my wife Amy and daughter Cecilia over the past few years have me convinced that we are at a culmination point in America, where we will either become a more just society, more inclusive, and racially and gender equal, or we will not. No different that the womens suffrage movement, civil rights, or workers rights. The fight is on, and women and their male allies must prevail.

I distinctly remember my West Point ethics class and the greater good, and John Stuart Mill.

I think most of the men of the last few generations would have laid down their lives to protect the women and children in their lives. Thankfully, no one has to die to protect women in the future, we as a nation just have to be the world leaders so many of us think we are.

I implore Sens Murkowski and Collins to think about the greater good for our society.

Judge Kavanaugh may not reach the highest court of the land, but will remain a respected and influential Federal Judge for his lifetime. Without clear and convincing evidence, or a criminal trial, it is impossible to decide based upon the facts given if either Dr Ford or Judge Kavanaugh are right. A confirmation of Kavanaugh discredits a nation of women, and will permanently put a stain on the US Supreme Court as it pertains to Womens rights and equality in our nation. Do women matter? Will we believe them ever?

A vote to not confirm Kavanaugh, although harsh for Judge Kavanaugh, only harms the aspirations of one wealthy and already well respected white man.  It would demonstrate that the two women in the Senate with the power to change our country perhaps for ever for the good, have a vision for America.  That they want to  inspire generations of men and women that we are better than this and to me, make most ethical choice the one that does the greater good.  I will urge these two great Americans to vote for what they believe is best for America. #nokavanaugh

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