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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

It has been six months since the Bairs Foundation launched and began providing financial assistance to plaintiffs in need. Our team knows that it’s not enough to provide access to low-interest capital; we also strive to be a wealth of information for families involved in litigation. The Bairs Foundation recently published four new pages to help plaintiffs get the information they need to make informed choices about borrowing. Below is a short overview of each new page on our website.

Recourse vs. Non-Recourse Lawsuit Lending

lending organizationWhen seeking financial assistance from a third party during litigation, plaintiffs generally have two borrowing options: recourse and non-recourse. How these two options differ is related to how borrowers are obligated to pay back the money they owe. This page outlines the implications of selecting a recourse lawsuit loan versus a non-recourse loan. It also describes how the Bairs Foundation is providing an alternative lending option for plaintiffs and their families.

The Difference Between Simple and Compound Interest

There are multiple ways of calculating interest, and each affects the total amount of money owed by a borrower in the end. Simple interest is calculated as a percentage of the principal amount of capital, whereas compound interest is calculated on the principal and the already accumulated interest. How does this affect a plaintiff who has taken out a pre-settlement advance? We use a hypothetical scenario to illustrate how simple and compound interest affects the amount a borrower will eventually need to pay back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our not-for-profit foundation is one of a kind. Since we launched, many plaintiffs and attorneys have asked us important questions about our processes, interest rates, steps to apply for financial assistance, and much more. To better assist plaintiffs who need capital during litigation, we have compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Important Terms for Borrowers to Know

Like our FAQ page, this glossary helps families educate themselves about the lending process. This page provides definitions of terms commonly used when discussing aspects of obtaining financial assistance, the non-recourse lending industry, and our foundation.

People are only able to fully protect their financial well-being when they have all the information necessary to make the best choices possible. If you have any questions about the Bairs Foundation or any aspect of the lending process for families in litigation, please feel free to call the foundation at (855) 836-2676.


About John Bair

John Bair has guided thousands of plaintiffs through the settlement process. Motivated by a desire to assist others in protecting their financial well-being, John and his wife Amy established the Bairs Foundation. At seven percent simple interest, the organization provides the financial assistance families need during litigation. Read more at


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