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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

safety magazineMilestone Consulting is proud to bring the important safety messages in Living Safer magazine to our civil justice community and to parents of disabled kids.

The articles in Living Safer cover a variety of safety topics involving parenting, travel, health and wellness, and much more. In our most recent issue, we covered the topic of Medicare set-asides (MSAs), which are funds created with a portion of a settlement resulting from a workers’ compensation or liability case. The funds are used to pay for future injury- or illness-related expenses that would otherwise be payable by Medicare. The article discusses the need for MSAs and how they ensure injured victims receive future Medicare benefits. When you’re an injured victim or the parent of a child who was harmed by negligence, this knowledge can be a critical tool.

This issue of Living Safer also contains a prominent section about workplace harassment – from identifying it to appropriately addressing and overcoming it. From a legal perspective, we also discuss the state and federal laws prohibiting various types of discrimination and mistreatment in the workplace. It’s unnerving that harassment still occurs at all levels in the workplace, and it is crucial for all people to understand how to protect themselves if it ever happens to them.

The well-being of our friends, family, clients and coworkers is important to us at Milestone. Living Safer magazine is just one way we are able to share knowledge and help those in our communities live their best, most informed lives.

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