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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

law firm swagMany law firms offer an array of products containing their name and logo. These items are often referred to as swag – which some argue stands for “Souvenirs, Wearables and Goods” or “Stuff We All Get.” It’s a fun and functional way to stay top-of-mind with your network of past and future clients, referring attorneys, and others.

At Milestone, we have given out branded stress balls, wooden putters, hats, End Distracted Driving ( bracelets, and more. I have attended more than 30 American Association for Justice (AAJ) conventions and hundreds of state-level shows. The swag at these events has run the gamut from credit card holders for the back of iPhones to golf balls to canvas shopping bags. The tchotchke possibilities are endless. How do law firms know which items will work best for them?

In an insightful article published on Attorney at Work, Ruth Carter discusses her adventures at swag expos and the benefit of choosing the right promotional materials. “When considering your options and your budget, think about your audience and what appeals to them, but also consider how, by using your swag, others will learn about you,” Carter writes.

When choosing swag, law firms should think about the following factors:

  • Usefulness. Consider what your audience will use, and choose items accordingly. People are more likely to keep functional items than things they can’t or won’t use.
  • Consumable items. “I always appreciate getting gum, sweets or other consumables – if they taste good,” Carter says.
  • Quality. If the budget is available, pick high quality items your audience can wear or carry, which consequently spreads the word about your firm.

Swag is an excellent way to stay on your audience’s mind – when the items are chosen carefully. Choosing effective swag can be a great marketing tool. At the same time, bad swag can be a waste of money.

Milestone is a national settlement planning firm. We would love to hear your thoughts on promotional products and what you’ve been using. What’s your favorite swag?

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