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Click here to read the statement from American Association for Justice CEO Linda Lipsen on H.R. 985.
Click here to read the statement from American Association for Justice CEO Linda Lipsen on H.R. 985.

The latest assault on the civil justice community is H.R. 985, a bill that was introduced into the U. S. House of Representatives earlier this month. Simply put, H.R. 985 seeks to eliminate the rights of Americans to bring class actions or multidistrict litigation (MDL) efforts against those who have harmed them.

Class actions and MDLs are often the only viable options available for people who have been injured by large corporations. These actions level the playing field when those who were harmed would otherwise not likely have the resources to seek compensation from companies that pay for the best defense representation in the country.

Dangerous drugs and medical devices, defective automobiles, and environment-related injuries are often litigated through MDLs. Without an MDL, the cost of bringing an individual case against a big company will outweigh the potential verdict or settlement amount a person could gain. As a result, injured patients and the families of those who died would not likely pursue a claim, and those negligent corporations who caused the harm would be given immunity despite their wrongdoings.

Unfortunately, H.R. 985 is just one of several tort reform bills filed or anticipated in the next few months. At this time, the bill is being fast-tracked through the House and no hearings are being held.

What are people doing to prevent our rights as Americans from being taken away? Lawyers as well as major legal organizations and non-partisan consumer, patient rights and constitutional organizations are taking aim to fight the bill in Congress. Please consider contacting members of Congress with us directly to ask them to stand up for you and all Americans who deserve the right to hold big companies accountable for the products and decisions they make that affect all of us. You can obtain contact information for your members of Congress at


  1. Gravatar for Betty Scott
    Betty Scott

    This should never happen, people now can be damaged without knowing and have no recourse. This should never happen!!

  2. Gravatar for Christabelle Holley
    Christabelle Holley

    My name is Christabelle Holley I was put on the danger drug as xarelto I almost died behind that nasty medicine. Bleeding heart failure, respiratory failure and life support.this company need to pay and pull this medicine off the market

  3. Gravatar for Christabelle Holley
    Christabelle Holley

    I took this nasty medicine called Xarelto I almost died behind that medicine They need to pay for there damage and pull this medicine off the market because its danger

  4. Gravatar for william jesse
    william jesse

    Do not let this bill pass. My wife died because of the problem caused by Xarelto. It may do good for some people, but if it kills just one person, the price is too high. As the Bill stands now, there is a very wide door for 'mischief' to wander through.

    I know that some class-action suits are an abuse, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

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