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Young lawyers are at a disadvantage today. In the field of law, fewer cases are going to trial, which is increasingly depriving newcomer attorneys of critical “stand-up” courtroom experience.

Many judges are stepping in and changing their standing orders and case-specific orders to encourage more of these opportunities for junior lawyers. In doing so, they are not only helping young attorneys get the experience they need to be well-rounded legal advocates, but they are also helping level the playing field for attorneys in minority groups.

“Less Talk, More Action”

ChIPs is a nonprofit organization that aims to advance and connect women in technology, law, and policy. At the ChIPs Women in IP Global Summit held in October 2015, several ChIPs Next Gen Committee members committed to “less talk, more action” to bolster opportunities for women in law and technology. The ChIPs Next Gen initiative has since grown substantially within ChIPs, and it has also reached judges and many others in the field.  

Next Generation Lawyers

One useful tool that has emerged from the inception of the initiative is the Next Generation Lawyers blog, a must-have resource for young attorneys who are searching for “stand-up” courtroom opportunities.

trial experience for junior lawyersThe website provides the latest standing judicial orders and other developments that may be of interest to those looking for more experience.

We encourage all lawyers to share this resource with their networks to do their part to elevate younger attorneys and help them gain this valuable experience. By getting the word out, the Next Generation Lawyers blog helps level the playing field for all practicing attorneys and increases opportunities for a more diverse group within trial court appointments.

Additional Resources

Gender equality is still a hurdle to overcome in many industries, including the field of law. Junior lawyers have the opportunity to address these issues head-on, which starts with getting the right information and inspiration. Below are two great places to start.

Women En Mass (WEM) brings together female mass tort attorneys from across the U.S. to discuss issues that affect women “from the boardroom to the courtroom.” The group invites mass tort attorneys to an annual meeting in Aspen, Colorado.

Dana Alvaré’s study, “Vying for the Lead in the Boys Club: Understanding the Gender Gap in Multidistrict Leadership Appointments,” examines multidistrict litigation (MDL) dockets over the last five years and identifies the rate of gender disparity in leadership appointments. In addition to noting contributing case factors that correlate with these rates, Alvaré lays the groundwork for future exploration of the discrepancy.



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