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We’ve received many positive responses to our launch of the Bairs Foundation. As we continue to grow, our team is making great strides to find more families who may be in need but have not yet heard about our foundation. As part of those efforts, we have added more useful pages to the Bairs Foundation website. We are also working on a series of helpful infographics that break down important concepts about our foundation. The first of these new graphics shows how the Bairs Foundation is different. Below is more information about the three major differences we’ve highlighted.

FINAL - HOW IS THE BAIRS FOUNDATION DIFFERENT- (1)We’re a Nonprofit Organization.

There is no other philanthropic foundation or charity in the country that supports plaintiffs as their lawsuits take their natural course. We’re changing that. As a not-for-profit, the Bairs Foundation’s mission is to develop a sustainable model that serves families and the civil justice community.

We Offer Plaintiffs 7% Interest.

Our foundation provides financial assistance to families before, during, and after litigation. We provide advances at seven percent simple interest in the name of the Seventh Amendment, because we believe in fairness.

We Work Closely with the Families We Help.

Last week, one of our foundation’s advance recipients wrote a kind note to us, which read: “I am ever so grateful for coming across such an endearing foundation like Bairs. A crisis to the capacity of which my family has endured is nothing less than life changing. When emotions are pushed past their limits and solutions run dry there’s nothing more comforting than being received with concern when facing financial troubles. The Bairs Foundation proved to be genuinely compassionate and understanding not only regarding my request but in concern for my well being. I will recommend the Bairs Foundation to anyone.”

Many non-recourse companies provide plaintiffs with financial assistance very quickly. These for-profit companies will advance as much and as frequently as possible, because doing so will increase their return on the interest. We know that any amount families borrow will cost them later, so we take extra time to make sure we’re giving them only what they need.

Help Others by Sharing Our Foundation

If anyone you know is struggling financially during the course of a lawsuit, please feel free to pass this information along. For further help, call (855) 836-2676 to speak with a member of our team.

Since our launch in December 2016, we have helped 33 families and have given more than $342,000. Please share and “like” our foundation on social media to help us get to $1 million by the end of 2017.


About John Bair

John Bair has guided thousands of plaintiffs through the settlement process. Motivated by a desire to assist others in protecting their financial well-being, John and his wife Amy established the Bairs Foundation. At seven percent simple interest, the organization provides the financial assistance families need during litigation. Read more at



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