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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

“As a trial lawyer I look for companies that have the best combination of ethics and excellence. The Bairs Foundation has both and truly protects my clients who are in the most vulnerable situations.” – Facebook Reviewer

In our 2018 Bairs Foundation co-founders’ letter, we ask, “What constitutes a “just” society and civil justice system?” Trial lawyers dedicate their careers to ensuring Americans have access to justice and the opportunity to stand up to those who hurt or wrong them — regardless of whether the negligent party is an individual person or a major corporation. But what happens when the plaintiff exhausts all of his or her funds during litigation and needs financial help to make ends meet? Settlement might still be months or even years away. It makes sense to assume the funding companies who help them would act justly, knowing these plaintiffs are enduring what is likely the most difficult time in their lives.

bairs foundation john bairUnfortunately, that’s not often the case. We have found that the interest or contractual finances many for-profit funding companies charge plaintiffs range from 28% to 200%. For many plaintiffs, the amount they’ll owe their lenders will exceed the amount they get from their case. That’s not just.

Tragically, little has been done over the years to change the course of the industry. In the spirit of our mission to provide families with access to capital at a fair interest rate, the Bairs Foundation is going a step further. We’re looking to provide leadership to the litigation finance industry and within various trial lawyer organizations nationally. Our foundation is also motivating other nonprofit organizations to replicate what we’re doing, because we know it’s a fair and sustainable model.

Please check out our 2018 letter to read more about our “What is Just” campaign and to find out how you can help our mission to bring more justice to the non-recourse lending industry.

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