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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

It’s rare to find a prestigious legal organization that teaches trial lawyers to push the envelope in the profession as much as the nonprofit Trial Lawyer’s College (TLC) does.

TLC “…is dedicated to training and educating lawyers and judges who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for individuals; the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless and the damned, and to protecting the rights of such people from corporate and government oppression.”

Through TLC’s revolutionary teaching method, lawyers learn to try cases on behalf of the people. The organization emphasizes caring for people regardless of race, creed, religion, national origin, physical abilities, gender or sexual orientation.

trial lawyer's collegeGerry Spence of The Spence Law Firm founded TLC to share what he has learned in his career to inspire more lawyers to strive for justice on behalf of citizens. Gerry and his pro bono staff teach important skills and methods to lawyers who try cases for the people and who are dedicated to defeating the death penalty. Courses are held in Dubois, Wyoming, and regional seminars are held in locations around the U.S.

Mel Orchard of The Spence Law Firm attended TLC and was asked to be on the organization’s staff the following year. He and the rest of the staff members volunteer their time and cover their own travel expenses to teach TLC courses and share what they have learned through TLC.

Congratulations to Gerry, Mel and The Spence Law Firm for achieving this greatness that will continue to inspire and educate trial lawyers to represent and care for their clients to the best of their abilities.

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