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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

March is Women’s History Month. All month long, we will be interviewing each of the talented, intelligent, and hardworking women of Milestone Consulting. Today, we’re featuring Laura Fetto. Here’s what she had to say.

What is your position at Milestone? How long have you been there?

My position at Milestone is “Settlement Administrator.” I will have been at Milestone for one year on March 12!

Tell us something particularly unique about your background.

I studied ballet for about 20 years. My aunt owns her own ballet studio (Festival School of Ballet) here in Buffalo after performing as a professional ballerina for many years. Starting at an extremely young age (5), I felt that disciplinary structure very early. I don’t doubt that going to ballet after school almost everyday for hours on end, and most Saturdays rehearsing instilled in me a very rigid focus which I’ve tried to carry over into my educational/professional life. Although ballet isn’t considered a sport, rather an art, it is certainly in its own world when it comes to how physically and mentally demanding it can be. I still take classes now, albeit I’ve fallen down a few notches in my abilities.

From your perspective, what are some of the main struggles women still face in the workforce, and how are professionals and businesses working to overcome them?

One of the main struggles women still face in the workplace, at least one that I’ve felt personally, is the “Boy’s Club” mentality. Having gone to law school and working at a few law firms throughout that time, it’s pretty prevalent that some men tend to exclude their female counterparts. Especially being a young female, the exclusion from the boy’s club feels very obvious and condescending. Not all, but many older male attorneys tend to gravitate towards one another or deem young females in law as inadequate. A prime example of how professionals and business are working to overcome this boy’s club stigma is our own work here at Milestone. Having attended Women en Mass (WEM) in Aspen, it was astounding to see how many strong women attorneys are permeating those boy’s club boundaries. Women are definitely on the rise in the practice of law, in numbers and in strength.

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