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| Milestone Consulting, LLC
Rachel Mathews

Guest Post by Rachel Mathews, Executive Director of the Bairs Foundation

Buffalo, NY: There’s a new organization in the Civil Justice community, and it’s bringing a whole new approach to pre-settlement funding and plaintiff support. The recently-founded Bairs Foundation is a non-profit providing capital to families in need as they await settlement from a lawsuit. At first blush that might not sound revolutionary – as anyone who’s seen a late night infomercial knows there are plenty of “Get Cash Quick!” lenders out there – but the way those lenders are able to offer fast money is by charging exorbitant interest rates. Conversely, the Bairs Foundation provides advances at 7% simple interest (in honor of the 7th Amendment) – a rate that is unheard of in the industry. They are not out to make profits or exploit plaintiffs; they seek to bring compassion and guidance to those in financial distress.

As one Bairs Foundation recipient noted, “I respect the fact that you asked how much [money] I actually needed, because other companies that I spoke with wanted me to take out a lot more than I needed. Obviously, they weren’t looking out for my best interests, just their return.” This innovative plaintiff-first approach to lending isn’t just getting a warm reception from plaintiffs; it’s a win for lawyers looking to best serve their clients from the start of a lawsuit until the end. The Bairs Foundation is changing the way people think about the plaintiff experience as a whole.

Lawsuits can take a toll on individuals and families, both emotionally and financially. The Bairs Foundation aims to help lessen this burden by providing financial assistance before, during, and after the settlement process. For more information, contact or call 716-883-1833. 

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