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| Milestone Consulting, LLC

At Milestone, we’re all about helping people live their best lives through smart financial planning after settlement. Since we started the company in 2012, our team has worked with thousands of plaintiffs, their family members, and lawyers. A lot has changed since then, but our mission remains the same: secure our clients’ futures by finding the path that enables them to manage their needs now and for as long as possible.

When Milestone was formed, we created a logo comprised of tick marks, to symbolize the different milestones or markers along someone’s life. Our team always thinks of a catastrophic injury as a turning point in an individual’s life – and it is our goal to help guide them through that defining life moment and help them move forward. We felt our tick mark logo represented the multiple milestones in one’s life, and we hoped it could encourage plaintiffs to envision their world once they moved through the litigation that so often follows tragedy.

Even though we liked the tick marks, we felt it was time for a brand refresh. As Milestone has evolved and expanded our team and our scope of settlement services, we wanted something stronger and more substantive to represent our firm. We worked with the acclaimed agency The Martin Group to develop a new logo that is indicative of an arch. The arch concept took on multiple meanings for us, all of which we felt were accurate symbols of the work Milestone does and the values we hold.  

Milestone Consulting

An arch is a strong, foundational element that has been incorporated as a structural support since the start of time (think of the ancient Roman arches). It can also be representative of a bridge, a structure that closes the gap between two sides and brings someone from one place to the next. Lastly, an arch can also be interpreted as a gateway, an opening or entrance way to the next milestone in our clients’ lives. It is future- and goal-oriented, connecting today with tomorrow.

While the color scheme is not a total departure from our original Milestone green, it nods to the previous color scheme while giving it a bolder, more distinct, refresh. Green represents growth and new life, which is why we’ve always gravitated toward it for the work that we do. The newly-incorporated mint is calming, and the white accents help make everything seem a little more three-dimensional.

Like in everything else we do, we took on this project with intention and focus, and we worked hard to find a solution that we felt was tailor-made for us. The second phase of our brand refresh will be the Milestone website.

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