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April 2 is Equal Pay Day, which marks the point in the new year to which women must work to earn what men earned just in the previous year. It is also the day that Lori Andrus and Jennie Lee Anderson called out Disney for its unequal pay for women.

Andrus Anderson filed Rasmussen v. The Walt Disney Company, et al., a class action lawsuit on behalf of all women employed by Disney’s Studio Entertainment in California. The suit alleges that Disney discriminates against its female employees by paying them less than male employees who perform the same work.

LaRonda Rasmussen, Manager of Product Development who has worked for Disney for more than 11 years, alleges that she has been paid tens of thousands of dollars less than her male coworkers with the same title at the company. Other women working in Studio Entertainment have similar stories, and it’s high time Disney closes its gender pay gap. As the largest media company in the world, Disney should aim to be a trailblazer and set the example for others, rather than the other way around.

“As Disney nears its 100th year in existence, it needs to catch up with the times,” Lori said in a press release. “On this Equal Pay Day, these brave women are standing up to say that they are tired of having to catch up with their male coworkers’ earnings.”

In addition to being unfair and unethical, unequal pay violates California’s Equal Pay Act.

If you worked at Disney and believe that you experienced pay discrimination due to gender, you may be able to take part in this class action lawsuit. Contact Andrus Anderson at to learn about your options.

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