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Our settlement planning experts work with many injured plaintiffs who remain medicated for their pain long after their lawsuits have concluded. For those who take prescription opioids — such as OxyContin and Vicodin — the medication they depend on for pain relief can come with dangerous and sometimes tragic consequences.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that opioids are generally safe when a physician has prescribed them and the patient takes the medication as directed and only for a short time. However, the euphoric effect of opioid drugs can quickly open the door to addiction.

In our line of work, prescription painkiller abuse can be challenging come settlement time. The stress of concluding litigation can force people into an unusual mindset. Most settlements that involve disabling injuries usually amount to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. For someone who is struggling with addiction, making the right choices for that financial recovery can be exceptionally difficult, which puts added stress on the family. Those who face the harsh reality of lifelong pain treatment should try to overcome their obstacles by talking about fiscal security and mental health with trained professionals.

Establishing a settlement plan that financially supports the plaintiff and his or her family is just one step. If your case or a loved one’s case is settling and you are concerned about the disbursement of the money, we welcome you to call us at Milestone for a no-obligation conversation. There are many strategies and plans we can discuss that involve thoughtful management of funds now and ensure responsible use of them moving forward. 

Opioid addiction is a national epidemic. It deteriorates patients’ lives and the lives of their loved ones. We often say “tragedy does not discriminate – it can happen to anyone at any time.” The same goes for opioid addiction. If a catastrophic accident can occur to anyone, so too can their prescription use possibly spiral out of control. If you know someone who is struggling with addiction, seek local resources right away. For many people, opioid addiction is impossible to stop without professional assistance, and it’s our job as family members, friends, and fellow Americans to offer help and support when it’s needed.

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  1. Gravatar for Clare

    We medically detox a large number of patients, that suffer from Opioid Use Disorder due to pain management. Most patients we see are also suffering from hyperalgesia, which has caused them to increase their opioid dosages continuously.

    When opioid abuse is medically treated, there is a chance of total recovery. Treating the "addiction" is focusing on the consequence and not the issue. To evaluate the issue, people need to be emotionally present and that is just possible with complete detoxification.

    We have the science and knowledge to treat these patients effectively, let's use it.

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