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As a trial lawyer, you know that the amount of money your client receives in a settlement could mean the world to their long-term care and well-being. A life care plan is often helpful in these situations, as it provides a suggestion for current and future needs-associated costs for an individual who has suffered catastrophic injuries in an accident.

However, to avoid any confusion and misconceptions that may arise with a life care plan, a breakdown from an expert is often the missing piece to the puzzle.

What a Life Care Plan Does

Prepared by a certified life care planner, this comprehensive document is tailored specifically to the individual and is based on a multitude of factors. Some items that are taken into consideration when a life care planner prepares a plan include the individual’s:

  • Medical records,
  • Prescriptions,
  • Family and living situation, and
  • Family history,

In addition to the following medical information:

  • Treatment team,
  • Clinical practice guidelines, and
  • Relevant research literature.

Simply put, a life care plan will encompass medical, psychological, and rehabilitation needs tailored to the individual and his or her family. The plan helps attorneys and plaintiffs understand exactly how much money they may need to cover the plaintiff’s present and future medical needs. It also helps them understand the extent of the catastrophic accident and the associated economic damages of the case. All of this influences what will be considered an appropriate settlement amount. Outside of a court setting, a life care plan can be used as a preventative plan for disability care, as well as within insurance settings.

Helping Your Client Further with a Life Care Plan Analysis

When developing a life care plan, needs are identified and the costs associated with the necessary care and/or rehabilitation are listed according to the going rates where that individual lives. However, funding issues are not taken into consideration. A life care plan analysis takes a look at the items and costs listed in the life care plan and boils it down to the bottom line for the plaintiff and his or her attorney. The analysis shows what the plan is actually worth.

A life care plan analysis takes a deep dive into the plan and breaks down the “final number” presented as lifetime expenses for your client’s care. The Milestone team incorporates years of experience as settlement planners to not only distinguish what items and services will be covered by a variety of medical providers, but to also take a look at resources and solutions your client could implement to keep their current costs down and ensure they’ll have the means to provide lifelong care. At the end of an analysis, you will be presented with a number that more accurately reflects the amount of money your client and their family will need. This will empower you during mediation or as you pursue a settlement through litigation.

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