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Over the past few decades, we have seen the caustic effect the for-profit plaintiff funding industry has on individual plaintiffs, their families, and the civil justice system as a whole. Litigation is often a long road, and people often exhaust their savings and need financial help before their settlement arrives. Unfortunately, many of the funding companies that lend a hand are not acting justly during what is likely the most difficult time in their borrowers’ lives. Many of these companies charge astronomical interest rates that can even equate to more money owed than the settlement recovery the client is expecting.

The Bairs Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that helps plaintiffs in need pay for basic living expenses. The funding it provides comes with the lowest interest rate in the industry.

We’re proud of the work we do. Below are three client stories that show how our organization can help those in need during litigation.

Bill* was injured by a bone growth product made by major medical device company Medtronic. He was put out of work, and his wife and he were forced to get by on limited Social Security income. They fell behind on some bills. The Bairs Foundation provided them with the funds to get up to speed with their bills and make it until Taylor’s rightfully-earned payout.

Linda* had been awaiting a settlement from injuries related to a faulty medical device. Unfortunately, she was falling behind on bills and wasn’t sure how she would catch up on her mortgage or car payments. She said, “The staff at Bairs was so helpful and understanding, and helped me very quickly! I was able to catch up on my bills and the rate is so much better than other pre-settlement funding I looked at.”

Mike* underwent right hip revision surgery and was implanted with a faulty hip replacement product. He received a settlement from the giant pharmaceutical company, but while waiting for it to be paid out, he fell behind on his bills. His attorney referred him to the Bairs Foundation, and we provided the advanced funds to assist Connor in paying his past due bills.

The Bairs Foundation’s mission is to provide plaintiffs with low-cost access to capital, so they can go the distance against deep-pocket defendants. We invite you to check out the Bairs Foundation’s website to learn more about how our goals and low interest rates. Please share this information with anyone struggling with making ends meet during litigation.


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