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By Rachel Mathews, Chief Marketing Officer of Milestone

Think about what your best friend is to you – it’s someone you can trust, someone you can go to for help, advice, or guidance. It’s someone who understands the unique situations you might get yourself into, and who knows how to help you work through them. A best friend is there for you every step of the way, through good times and bad. They are an extension of you.

These qualities all represent what Milestone wants to be for trial lawyers across the country. As settlement planners, we want you to trust us with your clients. Trust that we will guide your clients to make the best financial decisions with their incoming settlement monies. We provide advice and guidance on everything, from making sure plaintiffs preserve their government benefits, to the different kinds of trusts available, to what kind of periodic payment plan might be best for them. We know no two injuries or circumstances are the same, and we know how to help injured families navigate through this tough time to the other side of litigation. We’re there for plaintiffs through the bad times, helping them get to the good.

And we want you to trust us to do the same for you, too. We can advise you on how to control your income by deferring your fees, guide you through planning for the future with our innovative wealth management strategies, and help you through any unique settlement situation you might get yourself into. We think of our work as an extension of the work you have put in for your clients. You have fought to get a victim the justice he or she deserves. We’re here to be tagged in to help take them and their recovery to the next level. Just as you would trust your best friend with something near and dear to you, we want you to trust that your client’s recovery, and your attorney fees, are in good hands with us. 

Best friends often share the same values, and we’ve found that to be true with us and trial lawyers. Milestone is a settlement planning company that is personable, compassionate, and committed to helping people affected by tragedy get the justice they deserve. Want someone you can call and chat with? That’s us. Someone to provide solutions to your problems? That’s us. Someone to have a beer with? Hell, that’s us too. Hey, that’s just what best friends do.

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