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At last week’s Radius of Influence Conference (“ROI”), California attorney and social media enthusiast Mitch Jackson presented via Spreecast on the inbound marketing technique of newsjacking. Jackson has used newsjacking, or getting his angle on stories out in real time, to successfully establish his media following.


How does it work?

Newsjacking relies on inbound marketing (writing stories and putting them out there to be picked up by the news media), rather than traditional outbound marketing (sending an email to a bunch of news outlets and hoping you’ll pique their interest).

Jackson monitors several news sites each day, honing in on stories that are relevant to his areas of expertise. Within a few hours, he creates a blog post, making sure to use a catchy title and Google-friendly keywords, which Google then indexes. Unlike some bloggers who rely solely on creating a keyword-happy, but content-weak post, he offers objective and informational content.

Jackson doesn’t stop there, though. He takes each blog post and puts it out on his various social media outlets—LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. He also creates short, informational videos related to many of his blog posts. Using these integrated strategies, Jackson reports a 300-900% increase in blog traffic.


The Values Approach to Marketing

Much like it does in law marketing, the inbound marketing approach lends itself well to the business of settlement planning. Settlement planning is a business built on shared values. It’s about helping the mom who is worried about paying for her disabled child’s physical therapy, or the husband trying to figure out how he’ll cover his wife’s lifetime medications. It’s about getting the necessary information to the people who need it- in a way that they want to receive it- so that they can make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families.

For our business, inbound marketing has been key. Newsjacking, for example, gives us the opportunity to demonstrate what is important to us through the stories we choose and the angle we take when responding to these stories. The other key piece to our business is a relationship focused, word-of-mouth approach. Some of our best clients come to us as referrals from other clients. By scaling back on a traditional outbound marketing approach, we’ve been able to incorporate more of our firm’s core values into everything we do.


The ROI Conference

ROI has become one of the most valuable conferences we attend each year. If you’d like to learn more, visit the website, or check out some of the speakers (speaker bios here):

  • Jon Wolske, Zappos Insights
  • Mitch Jackson, Jackson & Wilson, Inc.
  • Kelli Burns, Ph.D., University of South Florida School of Mass Communications
  • Nick Carroll, Claris Marketing
  • Joshua Chilson, Kwall, Showers & Barack
  • Natasha Diemer, Leopold Law, P.A.
  • Missy MacFarlane, B2 Communications
  • Cheryl Pope, Carlton Human Capital
  • Christina Green Rankin, Law Offices of Richard D. Green
  • Jessica Rivelli, Working Women of Florida
  • Gary Truitt, Boutique Search & Reputation Consulting Services


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  1. Mike Bryant

    That was a great topic and will give rise to a lot of ideas.

  2. Gravatar for Mitch Jackson
    Mitch Jackson

    Thanks John. Just trying to share a few new ideas and approaches that have worked well for us!

  3. John Bair

    @Mike: I agree! Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did.

    @Mitch: We've gotten a lot of great feedback on your presentation. Thanks again for sharing your expertise!

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